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e-commerce solutions

Increase your target market.  The power of the web has made selling to any corner of this planet incredibly easy without having to invest a great deal of money. We help you launch your online store so you can sell to a larger market. Our services are a one-time fee for setting up the website with E-Commerce solutions. We do not charge you monthly fees or restrict your operations in anyway. Take advantage of the internet to grow your business.


We can add E-Commerce solutions to your current or new website.

Our E-Commerce Solutions:

  • A customized design to your website
  • The ability to add/delete unlimited amount of products
  • Organize products by category
  • E-Payments through Paypal, Credit Cards, Google Checkout, etc.
  • Setting up an automated e-mail system to alert the Admin & the customer on order status.
  • Automated tax calculation based on geographical areas
  • Automated system to calculate shipping cost based on geographical area
  • And many more.                 

In order for us to give you an accurate quote, we request that you fill out the project scope questionnaire and send it to us at info@excelbservices.com


Scope Questionaire:


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